Chef and teams

If there’s one thing you need to know about our chefs, it’s this: They want to hear from you. If you have a question, a comment, a suggestion or a critique, let them know. They make a point of making themselves available in the dining halls, so feel free to walk right up and chat. And don’t be surprised if they do the same.

Executive chefs, head cooks, and chefs de cuisine are primarily responsible for overseeing the operation of a kitchen. Executive chefs also have many duties beyond the kitchen. They design the menu, review food and beverage purchases, and often train cooks and other food preparation workers.

If the customer want to hear from the Chef, yes you can have a question or suggestions with him. We wish to hear from the customer.

Main chef

A highly motivated and capable professional cook with a real passion for preparing popular, healthy and nutritious meals. Having a ‘hands on’ approach to all areas of the kitchen and possessing excellent organisational skills and administrative skills. A quick learner who can effortlessly fit into a existing established environment, and also encourage junior staff  to achieve their best when preparing meals.

  • Full knowledge of the Statutory Regulations contained in the Health & Safety at Work Act.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Food Hygiene Regulations.
  • Experience of high volume catering in a busy work place.
  • Detailed knowledge of seasoning and recipes.
  • Fully conversant with various cooking methods like boiling, baking, roasting and steaming.